SAMR Model

What is the SAMR Model?

As stated on the digital literacy main page, SAMR is a model designed to help articulate the different levels of technology integration, because in the end, not all tech use is created equal.

Common Sense Media has a nice introduction video.

Examples such as this one and more can be found here to further illustrate the point.

  • Substitution: Using vocabulary PowerPoint slides instead of posters.
  • Augmentation: Using a dictionary option on the word processor to find synonyms.
  • Modification: Using website design to include multiple text structures in an assignment.
  • Redefinition: Using digital stories to combine writing and research skills for the inclusion of video, stills, interviews, and information, amongst other things.

This is easily attachable to the ideas of Bloom’s as well, as illustrated below from Common Sense Media

There purpose of the SAMR model is quite simple, to constantly consider the elevation of technology use in instructional design. In the end, the technology may seem cool, but if it does not raise the level of thinking, then it is probably just a lot of energy for no benefit. And ain’t no teacher got time for that. 

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