Independent Learning Resources




  • Thinking & Problem Solving



  • Independence


Ability to take risks

Socratic Seminar

Socratic Seminars are a structured discussion focusing on an assigned topic. They must always assign specific roles to different participants, and frequently utilize a fishbowl style to balance participation. Strong resources for student preparation are a key in the success of Socratic Seminars which educators believe foster student led collaborative and intellectual discussions.

See a video example here from the Teaching Channel.

Bloom’s Taxonomy Question Stem Charts has some wonderful pre-created resources for this, but a simple google search will deliver hundreds of strong question stem charts. Just browse around and see which one you feel best suits your students’ needs.

Question Formulation Technique

From The Right Question Institute where they believe, “[t]he skill of question asking is far too rarely deliberately taught in school,” comes the question formulation technique which encourages students to produce, improve, and prioritize their questions. Full Disclosure: There are many paid options on their website, and this is not intended to be an endorsement for their products due to lack of personal experience.


  • Persistence



  • Decision Making



  • Communication and ability to seek help from community













  • Intrinsic Questioning




  • Self-Evaluation Skills
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