Digital Instruction

Digital Citizenship

Laying the foundation for healthy life and learning as a part of an interconnected digital society, digital citizenship provides targetable interpersonal, safety, and other skills for students to learn to thrive in a technology based world.

Overview of digital citizenship areas (Common Sense Media, 2017):

  1. Internet Safety
  2. Digital Footprints & Reputation
  3. Privacy & Security
  4. Self-Image and Identity
  5. Relationships & Communication
  6. Information Literacy
  7. Cyberbullying & Digital Drama
  8. Creative Credit & Copyright

Check out more detailed information and resources for digital citizenship here.

Digital Literacy

Though differences abound in the general description of digital literacy, at the heart of it is this, a world of students who are prepared to exist in a tech based world in safe, productive, informed, and enjoyable ways. Educators work so hard to develop so many important competencies, and in this day and age, digital literacy has to be included high up in these priorities as well.

Check out our digital literacy section to pursue some of the foundational skills of digital educators!

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