Learned [adj.] – having gained much knowledge through study

A lot has been said about the 21st Century learner, but not so much about, or more so, for  the 21st Century educator.  While many of us having spent years studying, practicing, and perfecting our craft, as a teacher, it often feels like the ground beneath our feet is constantly changing–every day a new movement, trend, technology.


It’s… exhausting..and wonderful, empowering, and a million other fantastic things. That’s why we’re here. We’ve all got the fundamentals of great educators, but how do we elevate that to the next level and prepare students for an unexpected future? By pushing ourselves forward as educational leaders through technology and empowering independent learning.


That’s what Lessons for the Learned is about. Taking the great and dedicated teacher, and helping them make the leap to fantastic. The first suggestion is you listen to Sir Ken Robinson inspire us to push forward, and then have a look around to find information to move you and your teaching to a higher level.


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